The top affiliate's traffic guy
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Double Your Traffic, & Triple Your Online Income ASAP!
My traffic serves hundreds of customers globally. As long as you are promoting anything related to 
"Internet Marketing / Make Money Online / Affiliate Marketing"
then my traffic is a perfect fit for you! 

I can even hook you up with health & fitness or survival related traffic if you ask nice 😉

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Top Marketers Use Solo Ads To:
➡️Scale fast 
➡️Get more sales
➡️Send buyers to their online offers.
➡️Solo ads are one of the most reliable pay per click traffic sources.

Need Fast Delivery? I Am On It.

Need EVEN FASTER Delivery?

You Can Put Your Trust In Me.
Need Someone Who Can  
Consistently Provide High Volumes of GOOD Traffic To You?


Want To Make Sure
You Do Not Receive
Fake, Useless, Bot Clicks?

I'm not the cheapest or the most expensive.

Yet for me it's all about the quality, and making sure my clients are ecstatic with their results!
Hey, I'm Chris,
Lightning Solo Ads, Owner
  • I Am Reliable
  • I Under-Promise & Over-Deliver
  • I Understand How To Meet Your Expectations
  • I Can Customize Your Order In Almost Any Way 
  • I Keep My List Fresh, Bot Free, and High Tier 1 Percentage.
You are already investing time and money.  
Your solo ad should worth it.

No bullshit.

Hey, My name is Chris Friesen and I can drive high quality, highly targeted  traffic to your affiliate and online offers through solo ads...

How did I end up here and why am I doing this?

I'm actually a commercial gym owner and personal trainer who fell in love with online marketing while building my online fitness business.

I started building my online business in 2012 and quickly found that getting quality traffic is the single most important, and confusing, part of building a successful online business. 

Finding quality products to promote (or building your own) isn't particularly difficult, but it took me years of trial and error to fit the right traffic to these offers.

I spent tons of money figuring out traffic...

I've spent a ton of money on Bing Ads, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads but was never able to break even. 

Plus, I got my Facebook account banned more than a few times because of how strict their advertising guidelines are.

I tried building my email list with search engine optimization using my blog, but it's an enormous amount of work, and it changes so fast that by the time I figured out how to do it properly, it would already be outdated.

It's been years since I started out online, but traffic continues to be the #1 problem for the vast majority of online marketers today. 

For almost all affiliates who never make any money online, traffic is the reason why they fail. 

SO Chris...

Simply put, they are ads that are sent out to highly targeted, niche specific email lists that have been built specifically for this purpose by internet marketers such as myself.

the beauty of advertising in this way is that you are guaranteed to have people specifically interested in your offer see the ad.

This makes them much more effective than other forms of advertising

Don't Just Take my Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"I know you are helping a lot of people out there doing your deal, helping them with everything about everything, from the email to the social to the auto to the marketing.."
Brian Collier
"10 sign ups out of 100 clicks! Chris has the best traffic I have ever bought. He is by far one of me top 10 solo ads vendors that I could ever recommend"
Jason Starvess
"Used Many Vendors, and Chris' Traffic is Always Consistent, Always Converting For Me, And He Is One Of The Best Vendors I've Worked With"
David Glass
"Not Only Did He Walk Me Through The Process, But He Over Delivered On What He Promised"
Ryan Fitzgerald

what sets my solo ads apart from the rest?

Responsive Support
I support you beyond just "clicks." 

Need help with your marketing campaigns, email swipes, landing pages or even complete website design?

Let's chat, I can help...
Free Solo Ad Swipe
Don't know how to write a great solo ad creative? 

I got you covered. 

Just tell me what you're promoting and I'll put together a high-CTR email swipe for you at no extra charge
Get The "VIP Treatment"
If you're a first time customer, you qualify for the "first time client" discount. 

That's my way of breaking the ice on your first transaction with me.

I am committed to your satisfaction
My Traffic Is Up To 100% Top Tier
Most of my list is comprised of targeted leads from English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand).

These countries have a much larger percentage of people who have a higher income potential, access to credit cards, and a financial system that allows for higher spending.
This is perfect for online and affiliate marketers like you!
Get Your Clicks- GUARANTEED!
There's a LOT of bad solo ad providers out there, I want to save you the grief I went through in building my list.

I guarantee you will get the exact amount of clicks you ordered (usually more) from targeted quality sources.

You get what you pay for. 
First-Time Buyer? Get An Extra 10% Clicks For FREE!
As my way of saying thank you for trusting me, I will send an extra 10% clicks over what you ordered, no matter how many you buy.

Buy 500 clicks, get 550...
Buy 2000 clicks, get 2200...
Etc, etc...

  I am committed to going the extra mile to win your business and your trust!
Clean Clicks
My heavy-duty traffic filters block any and every fake bot that may getting in.

If by some chance fake clicks slip through the cracks, I'll resend those clicks again - for free. 

You get real clicks or you don't pay!
Time Sensitive Delivery
I never miss a deadline. 

Your campaign will start and finish on time.
Detailed Traffic Report
Tracking your results is a huge part of a successful online marketing campaign.

You'll get a detailed breakdown of your traffic campaign at the end of each campaign, so you know exactly what you paid for!


1. I guarantee you’ll receive the exact amount of clicks you ordered (or more). If you end up with fewer clicks than promised, I will keep sending traffic until you’ve got what you paid for (or more!).

2. I guarantee you’ll receive only real quality traffic and no fake clicks. If some fake clicks slip through the cracks, I’ll resend those clicks at no charge to you. Either get real traffic or don’t pay!

3. I guarantee to work my ass off to ensure your satisfaction. I can’t guarantee sales, but I’ll do everything within my power to get you real traffic, on time and help you through any challenges that may come up. 

frequently asked questions

What Is Tier 1 Traffic?
Tier 1 Traffic Are Website Visitors Who Are From The United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Singapore and Ireland Are Also Considered Tier 1.
What Are Solo Ad Clicks Vs Mixed Clicks And Which Do You Provide?
Solo Ad Clicks Are People Who Click From My Email Ad That Go Directly To Your Landing Page. Funnel Clicks Are People Who Have Clicked On One Of My Internal Landing Page Links. I Provide Both Kinds Of Clicks And/Or A Mix. Both Kinds Of Clicks Are Effective and Productive For Building A List Or For Making Sales.
What Is Your Refund Policy?
So Long As You Have Not Received More Than 5% Of The Clicks On Your Order, I Can Stop The Campaign & Issue A Refund. After Your Order Has Recieved 6% Or More Of The Clicks, There Are No Refunds.
Anything Else I Should Know?
Yes, I Strive To Provide Excellent Service & Results To Others With Everything I Do. I Trust Our Work Together Will Demonstrate This And I am Grateful For The Opportunity To Help You Move Your Business Forward.
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